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About Us

Konomi Kindergarten is a private, 60 place Long Day Education & Care service. The centre is licensed by the Department of Education & Communities and is overseen by the Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA).


Our Centre consists of 60 places for children aged 2-5 years. Our aim is to provide a bilingual (Japanese/English quality service that meets the needs of the families in our community.  Working in collaboration with our families in providing high quality care and education in the early years is our best interest because we know that early stage of development is the most important stage for learning. We invite our parents to be part of our learning program. Please note that if you wish to participate in the program where your child is not within the group you will need to have a "Working With Children's Check" and "Child Protection" inservice completed.


Hours of Operation:

Opening Hours: 8am to 6pm: This is made up of:

8am-10am Arrival and Educational self-selected Activities, weather permission outdoor/indoor

10am-4pm Education Programmes, indoors/outdoors

4pm-6pm Pick up and Educational self-selection Activities +group games and movement.


Konomi Kindergarten is open for fifty weeks per year, closing for two weeks over the Christmas/New Year period, and on public holidays.


The Centre closes at 6 pm each evening. We recommend family members arrive at least 15 minutes earlier than 6 pm. This allows time to collect your child and read the daily learning journal and have a talk with the educators if you need.

  • Konomi kindergarten provides a unique high quality education & care for children.
  • Our programs are designed to meet every child's needs.
  • At Konomi Kindergarten we believe in involving the children to use their interests in setting the environment and enrich the programs that we plan and implement.
  • We provide a range of high quality educational programs, which support our commitment to the wholesome development of the individual child.
  • In our programs, we have a focus on Creative Arts where the children are supported and encouraged to express themselves through Visual Arts, Music, Dance and Drama, our programs also have special focus on sport in children's education. We celebrate children?s achievements in arts and sport with their families and members of the community in forms of Festivals. 
  • By providing love & care for our children, we make sure they feel safe, valued and important members of our Centre community
  • Our programs have strong focus on School Readiness & Transition for children to ensure smooth start at School for children and their parents.
  • The Early Years Learning Framework guides our work and practice.
  • Educators are committed to ongoing learning and professional development and they bring back what is learned to improve outcomes for children in the delivery of the highest quality of education and care in our service


We understand and acknowledge each child is unique therefore we aim to provide an environment where children's eagerness and curiosity is fostered; creative thinking is encouraged; where children can make choices and are allowed time to reflect and explore, encouraging their sense of self. 





木の実幼稚園は、定員60名の私立保育園です。当園は、Department of Education & Communities と Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority により、2-5歳のお子様が登園できる認可を受けています。(CCBおよびCCRの補助が適用されます。) また、当園は英語と日本語の両言語で保育を行っています。


開園時間 (年間50週開園、クリスマス時2週間の休園)

月曜日~金曜日 午前8時~午後6時