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Digital Age & Smart Tools

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Digital technology is so much part of young children’s lives that they barely notice it is there. They are born in a world where technology is a given.


As early childhood Teachers we know that today’s early years classroom may look very different with new technological tools and devices but one thing remains the same. We aim to play our important role of planning, openly teaching, selecting and using these new resources in the best way possible to support, enrich and extend each child’s development and learning.


As early childhood teachers we are looking for innovative ways to engage children and enhance relationships with families and the community.  


At Konomi Kindergarten we use Information Technology and we aim to keep up with current practices and modernising learning. Modern technologies and mobile devices such as iPads and cameras are already valuable tools that we use to support learning. We researching, exploring and implementing the potential and opportunities technology can provide to engage children, support assessment of children’s learning and enhance communication


Using modern technology is about moving forward and embracing changes. We incorporate IT into our programs and the children have responded in such a positive way to technology. Their skill development is amazing and we are here to nurture and enhance it!


Computers and IPADs are used by all children in their rooms or outside. Our Smart Board is located in the foyer area and our rotational groups each morning allow the 2yr – 5yr olds to have a session with the Smart-board. Educators in our setting provide meaningful and authentic experiences with the use of digital cameras. Children are given the opportunity to share in front of the whole group, something they have investigated or created in an art activity. We also share events and special activities with our families using the smart board. Developing additional literacies in the digital world also engage the young children with materials, environments, and individuals, they are also connecting with learning the multiple literacies in the world today. We know these literacies when we observe children;

  • Learning the literacy of mathematics as they explore new vocabulary and relationships between numbers
  • Learning literacies in cultural contexts as they become exposed or learn the norms, values, celebrations, and traditions of various cultures
  • Learning the literacy of science as they acquire new vocabulary, explore textures, learn about the relationships between environment and system and how they support each other.
  • They also develop literacies in technological contexts. For example when they see a QR code they know that they can scan the code to access information such as videos
  • Other literacies such as art, music, health and much more
  • Learning, exploring and discussing the weather, using science vocabulary and exploring the concept of predicting weather forecast


When teaching the children about IT, it not only involves the programs presented on the screen and how to use them but most importantly how to use & care for the equipment. We provide lessons for children to practice on how to use IT, which are modelled by the educators, and then the children are supervised while they explore and practice their skills.


We will list some of the programs we are using in the event you would like to extend their learning and practice at home. 


Educational Apps


  • Suess ABC
  • Seuss – Oh the Places You Will Go
  • Seuss – Cat In The Hat
  • Seuss – Green Eggs and Ham
  • Princess and the Frog
  • Larry Lizard
  • Spot Goes to School
  • Little Red Hen
  • Peter Rabbit


  • Adventure
  • Bath Letters
  • Colouring Fun
  • Bouncedown
  • Crayon Physics
  • Match
  • Flash Cards
  • Dtdnumwizlite
  • Pocketphonics
  • Lego Photo
  • Scoops
  • SightWords
  • Friendlets
  • ABC Wildlife
  • Color & Draw
  • Kid Art
  • Taronga Zoo
  • Chalkboard
  • iQuarium
  • Talking Larry
  • Doodle buddy
  • Tell Time

Smart Board & Internet

  • Kids Pix
  • Initial Sounds – Essential Phonics
  • ELF Emergent Readers – Red Set
  • Building the Day
  • CBeebies
  • Nick Jnr
  • Playhouse Disney
  • Top Marks Educational Search Engine
  • National Geographic Kids