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Enrolment & Fees


Booking applicaiton form can be downloaded form the link on the bottom of this page or a copy can be picked up from our centre.


When you fill out the form, please write as much details as possible. In particular, contact details should be articulate in order for us to contact you (eg. home number, father and mother’s mobile number, if possible, father and mother’s work number, e-mail address) If there are some changes, please notify us, so we have your current contact details.


Application booking fee is $50 per child and is non-refundable.

Application will be processed and your child’s name added to the waiting list when you submit the application form and pay the booking fee.

Booking fee is non-refundable whether or not a child can enter.


You can pay the booking fee by cash, cheque or bank transfer. When paying by cash, please bring the fee directly to the office. In case of cheque, you can send it to us. In case of bank transfer, please attach the receipt of payment to the application.


Cheques are made out to:

Imagawa Gakuen Australia Pty Ltd. or Konomi Kindergarten International


Transfer to:

Account Name:        Imagawa Gakuen Australia Pty Ltd

Bank Name:                Westpac

Branch Name:          Crows Nest

BSB:                                032-292

Account Number:  103488


When the application is completed, we issue the receipt for the booking fee. (When it is paid directly to us, a receipt will be issued straight away.) Please retain your receipt in order for you to inquire your waiting condition.


In order to update your child's waiting progress, you will need your receipt number as well as child's name and birth date. (Receipt number is printed on the right corner of the receipt. That is a combination of an alphabet and numbers. We can only provide information that you can have a position within 4 weeks. Please be reminded that we cannot inform you of your possible waiting period or the possibility of enrolment.


When a spot becomes available, we will contact parents who made booking earlier if there is no change inside the centre. However, if someone has a priority, we will give the spot to the child first.



Please download an application form: 

Application Form