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Our Aims

  • Providing Opportunities for growth in self-esteem & self- confidence and the development of positive self-image.
  • Opportunities to learn to live in relationship with others, respecting others' rights and taking responsibility for own actions.
  • To promote lifelong learning.
  • To develop each child to their full potential by providing a wide range of play experiences in order to expose children to many different situations.
  • Opportunities for creative arts where children are supported to express themselves through visual arts, music, dance and drama.
  • We will provide a caring and happy atmosphere in which the children will be able to express themselves freely and show their individuality.
  • We will guide children to develop positive social values and successful interaction with their peers and a sense of belonging.
  • We will provide opportunities for growth in language and literacy, supporting children to maintain their first language along with the English language.
  • Opportunities to experience many unique Japanese cultural and educational events including festivals.
  • Opportunities for preparation for major and successful transition to school.
  • To excel in accreditation and maintain a high quality learning environment to meet the needs of the children and their families.
  • Opportunities in Supporting and Inspiring our Communities.