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Our School Readiness & Transition

At Konomi Kindergarten, we understand that starting school is a significant milestone in the life of any child and family. Our service supports continuity of learning and transitions for each child by sharing relevant information, clarifying responsibilities and by developing strategies that support a positive transition to formal schooling.


Strategies for Implementation:

Starting school is a major transition for young children. When children know what to expect they are much more likely to feel confident and happy about starting school.  Educators will endeavour to create partnerships between Konomi Kindergarten and the local schools in our community to ensure an open exchange of information and understanding particular entry requirements. Many of the terms we use and routines are there to assist the Parents as well.


Our aim is to promote life- long learners and our programs will be adapted to the children’s abilities. Children will be provided with a variety of experiences in their daily programme that will help to make the transition to school a positive experience. Educators will provide written information about school readiness and will discuss and outline the long-term goals. (AGM)

Konomi kindergarten’s program assists children to develop the following skills considered useful for engaging positively in the school environment:

  • Develop a sense of belonging to a group and celebrating what they can contribute.
  • Importance of self-respect and respect of others. 
  • Concentrating on the task at hand
  • Persevering when faced with difficulties
  • Responding positively to new situations
  • Responsibility for their personal belongings.
  • Developing the communication skills necessary for group or individual play
  • Developing positive feelings about themselves and others
  • Develop confidence in transitioning to a new learning environment by gaining knowledge of cognitive concepts
  • Experiencing a sense of self- satisfaction resulting from achievement.
  • Develop an information package for families about the transition to school. This will include information on school readiness skills, how to support children and what to expect with the transition process. This package will be reviewed each year to meet the needs of the families and to incorporate updated information from local schools.
  • Support each family’s decision about when to send children to school.